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Where in the South is Bigfoot? Here are the answers

Today is the big day! I’m publishing all seven answers to the locations of Bigfoot in my series of posts.

During social distancing, I started a fun game on the blog, asking readers to follow along as Bigfoot and I took a road trip through the South and enter guesses in the comments on the blog or any of my social media platforms.

Today is Day 7 so I am posting one final location and the answers to the locations of all the days. Later, I will draw names of three people who posted guesses and send them a free copy of my humor book, “Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter.” I’ll announce winners here!

This photo was taken in the same city as above.

Hints for Location 7 shown above:

  1. These photos were taken in a town in Alabama.
  2. The town of fewer than 10,000 residents began as a railroad hub.
  3. It later became known as a textile city, a history represented by the World’s Largest White Dress Shirt displayed at the Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to see Photo 1

Click here to see Photo 2

Click here to see Photo 3

Click here to see Photo 4

Click here to see Photo 5

Click here to see Photo 6


  1. Monroeville, Alabama, home of Harper Lee and setting for “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Read more.
  2. Kilgore, Texas, home to the World’s Richest Acre. Read more.
  3. Windsor Ruins, a former plantation in Port Gibson, Miss. Read more.
  4. Historic Fort Worth Stockyards and the lounge of the Stockyards Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas. Read more here and here.
  5. Fouke, Arkansas, setting of the 1972 cult classic “The Legend of Boggy Creek.” Read more.
  6. The Old Mill in North Little Rock, Ark., seen in the opening of “Gone with the Wind.” Read more.
  7. Andalusia, Alabama. Read more.

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