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Day 2 of Where in the South is Bigfoot? You’ll be entered to win a free book

Yesterday, I started a fun game on the blog, asking readers to follow along as Bigfoot and I took a road trip through the South. See if you can identify where we were and enter your guess in the comments on the blog or any of my social media platforms.

I won’t publish the answers until all 7 are posted. That’s when I will also draw names of three people who posted guesses for all 7 photos and send them a free copy of my humor book, “Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter.”

Click here to see Photo 1.

Clues and hints for Photo 2:

Bigfoot accessibility at this tourist destination:

  • Height clearance: Plenty, as in “up to the sky”
  • Potential for finding hiding spots: Highly unlikely
  • Probability of being spotted and photographed: There’s no avoiding it
  • Educational opportunities for Bigfoot offspring, also known as Little Sasqui: High, if they like learning about fossil fuels


  • This attraction is located in a small town (pop. About 13,000) in the nation’s largest state
  • The city straddles two counties
  • This city relied on growing cotton and nearly went bust during a downturn in prices. If not for a major – and incredibly valuable – discovery in 1930, it may not still exist. Its largest tourist celebrates this discovery.

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