I’ll come speak to your group. I often speak to church groups, civic clubs, classrooms, historical societies and all kinds of organizations. Sometimes I speak on behalf of my employer, AL.com/Alabama Media Group, or on a topic from one of my books, or I can give a humorous talk. The type of talk determines if there is a fee, but any fees are nominal.

Some topics include:

  • The Quirky World We Live In. Did you know the World’s Oldest Chicken was named Matilda and lived to be 16 years old? How many Stonehenge replicas are there in the U.S.? Which are the most unusual? Which quirky statues look the least like their subject? Anything and everything is on the table for discussion.
  • The Quirky South. A regional take on quirkiness that includes discussions of why we southerners embrace our eccentrics, putting them right out on the front porch for everyone to see, to the origins of southern phrases and outsider art, among other things.
  • On Being a Single Mom. This is a new presentation designed to make struggling single moms feel less alone. The highs and lows of single momhood are discussed with humor and poignancy.
  • Just about any variation of any theme on roadside attractions and fun history.

For AL.com:

  • Odd Travels. This presentation includes discussions and photos of fun roadside attractions across Alabama.
  • What You Didn’t Learn in Alabama History Class. This can be done in the “straight” or quirky versions, with straight history being little-known facts about Alabama during its “Wild West” days, during the Revolutionary War, towns flooded to create lakes and more, and quirky history including the tale of Mrs. Jack the Ripper, the Wolf Woman of Mobile and ghost towns.
  • Numerous combinations of the above topics.