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What took you so long? I’m Kelly Kazek, proud to be called a Weird News Reporter. Welcome to my blog. After wandering the south and writing about odd roadside attractions and quirky history for years, I’m bringing them to you here, along with photos and lots and lots of useless information. And maybe, from time-to-time, a Bigfoot story. Sign up for notifications if you don’t want to miss a thing. (Click the blue “Follow” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the About page).

I cannot tell you how your wonderful sense of humor and positive outlook on life has uplifted me. You are an inspiration!

Renee Mullins, Florence, AL

“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your (column).  I laughed out loud!  I told my sister she had to read it … and she laughed out loud. I am passing it along to many of my girlfriends. Thanks for making my day!”

K. Blake