Hi, I’m Kelly Kazek (pronounced Kay-zick), the author of eight books and a weekly humor column. Here are some reasons you might want to join me here whenever you have the chance:

  • I write about odd roadside attractions and colorful characters and quirky history for AL.com/Alabama Media Group, the state’s largest media presence. From time to time, I share links here to my content there, specifically weekly humor columns, but this blog is mostly for topics that branch out to the rest of the south and across the country. You might find photos of a Stonehenge replica, or read about the Wolf Woman of Alabama. If you like quirky, this is the place to be.
  • I’m a humorist and this is the place I give my sarcastic and quirky take on current weird trends. Like “futuristic mom jeans” or chest-hair art.
  • I was a single mom for 20 years and, during my most difficult years when we had trouble affording toilet paper, I didn’t have the support of other single moms. If you’re a struggling single mom, I want to offer support in the form of recollections of the lean years, the good and the bad of being a single mom. I hope you will join the conversation.

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I live in Huntsville, Alabama, with Sweetums, whom I married in 2016 after 20 loooong years as a single mom to Baby Girl. My stepsons are Wirt and Groover (not their real names because… really?) I’ve been a journalist and Weird News Reporter for more than three decades, currently writing weekly Odd Travels/Odd South features and humor columns that appear on AL.com and in the Huntsville, Birmingham and Mobile newspapers. (Yes, Virginia, newspapers do still exist).

I’ve won more than 180 state and national press awards, including Best Humorous Commentary and Feature Writer of the Year, and I was editor at a small-town newspaper for 11 years and twice served as president of the Alabama Associated Press Media Editors.

Thanks so much for coming aboard!