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Let's play a game: Where in the South was Bigfoot in these road-trip photos?

I’ve been keeping a secret y’all: I am close personal friends with Bigfoot. I know you are shocked but it’s true. I didn’t mention it because I like to try to protect his privacy because, as y’all know, he is a little camera shy.

For the past couple of years, I have secretly accompanied the big fella on a couple of family road trips – you know, me and Sweetums along with Bigfoot and his wife and kids. I’d collected photos from 7 road-trip stops around the South and I decided the 2020 COVID-19 social-distancing period was the perfect time to share my photos and turn them into a contest. It will give all of you something to do while you sit home with a passel of kids or in between reading posts about the world ending.

I will post one photo at a time here on the blog and share on social media. I will withhold the location of the photo but give some clues. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to guess where Bigfoot and I were when the photo was taken. I won’t reveal locations until after all 10 photos have been posted over the next couple of weeks. (Unfortunately, prizes are not available for every entry but, at the end of the posts, I will draw names of three people who posted guesses for all the photos and send them a free, signed copy of my humor book, “Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter.” Guesses can be made by commenting on the blog or on any of my social media platforms.)

The following info goes with the first photo I am sharing. I made it pretty easy. Let me know in the comments if you were able to guess without looking at hints:

Bigfoot accessibility at the tourist destination in Photo 1:

  • Height clearance: Plenty, as in “up to the sky”
  • Potential for finding hiding spots: Low-to-medium
  • Probability of being spotted and photographed: High
  • Educational opportunities for Bigfoot offspring, also known as Little Sasqui: High

Hints for Photo 1:

  • This small town’s most famous native won the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Most historic markers and murals on the downtown square are related to this author’s most famous book.
  • The building seen behind Bigfoot is the main tourist destination in this town.
  • This visit was likely the first sighting of a Bigfoot in this town, although several have been sighted in an adjoining Alabama county that made Bigfoot its claim to fame.

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