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Iconic Tinkerbell sign at Pink Motel has drawn travelers for more than 65 years

On one of our trips to North Carolina a few years ago, I told Sweetums I had to stop to get a photo of the iconic Tinkerbell sign at Pink Motel. The motel is unremarkable, a 50s-era strip motel, but it is known for its large neon sign that features a Disney-esque Tinkerbell.

The motel is located at 1306 Tsali Boulevard in Cherokee, N.C., a town filled with fun touristy kitsch. I was able to get photos of the sign and one is featured in my latest book, “A Guide to the South’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions.” The book is available exclusively from Books-a-Million, online and in stores. You can order one for $16.95 by clicking here.

The famous Tinkerbell sign at Pink Motel has advertised the lodge since it opened in 1953. (Photo by Kelly Kazek)

According to Roadside America, Lois Farthing, the original owner, wanted the motel to be painted pink on the exterior and have pink décor inside, including pink bathroom tiles that are still there today. She had an 11-year-old daughter who loved Disney’s animated “Peter Pan,” which was released the same year the hotel opened so she ordered the very cool neon sign.

The current owner says tourists, like us, line up to take photos of the iconic sign. Although we didn’t stay the night, apparently plenty of folks do because the motel is still going strong.

Visit the Tinkerbell Sign at Pink Motel, 1306 Tsali Boulevard, Cherokee, NC, 828-497-3530.

Detail of the Tinkerbell sign at Pink Motel in Cherokee, N.C. (Photo by Kelly Kazek)

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