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Why is there a giant roadside chicken in Clarkrange, Tenn.?

Sweetums and I love coming across odd roadside attractions, of course, but sometimes they leave us scratching our heads. For example, back in March when we drove to the Victorian village of Rugby, Tenn. (click here to see our photos of Rugby), we passed a giant metal chicken on the side of the highway. It was a nice oversized metal chicken, as oversized metal chickens go. It had expressive eyes and detailed feathers, and we wondered why it was there.

But the background of the town didn’t give us any clues. We were in Clarkrange, Tenn., a town of fewer than 600 residents founded in 1885. Clarkrange gets its name from the fact that an early settler, Cyrus Clark, operated a cattle ranch on land that was previously used for free-range cattle. But those were cows, not chickens. To add to the confusion, the water tower says the Clarkrange High School mascot is a buffalo.

The chicken is also not listed on any of the sites I found of roadside attractions. So I decided to ask you, our readers, if you know anything about the Clarkrange chicken.

Clarkrange, Tenn. roadside chicken. (Photo by Wil Elrick)
Clarkrange, Tenn. roadside chicken. (Photo by Wil Elrick)
Clarkrange, Tenn. roadside chicken. (Photo by Wil Elrick)

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