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Are you willing to give me a hand?

Hey, y’all. Could you give me a hand with something? My friends/readers/followers are typically so good about giving me feedback.

I’ve been wondering who is reading my new blog and what content is most popular. If you have time to answer the three questions below, I would appreciate it. You can answer in the comments section of the blog, on Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing

  1. Do you see posts from thru email notices (you can click the brown button that says FOLLOW on any blog page to sign up), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other?
  2. What kinds of posts interest you most:
  • Posts about oddities I come across on my road trips, such as the World’s Largest Underwear, etc.?
  • Personal posts about goings on in my life?
  • Posts with commentary on unusual stories I come across?
  • A mix of all of the above?

3. Do you like the frequency of my posts (typically 4 or 5 weekdays)? Would you like to see more or fewer?

Sorry I can’t offer you money or gift certificates for responding to my survey, but I do promise that next time you see Sweetums, he’ll happily give you his autograph. It should be worth lots of money after he gets shot while wearing a Bigfoot suit and becomes an internet meme.



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21 thoughts on “Are you willing to give me a hand?”

  1. I get your email and Facebook notifications of your stories…AND you come up on my Google tiles! I love everything you write about…always brings a smile or chuckle! Keep on doing you Kelly!


  2. Hi Kelly,

    I see your posts via email.

    While I very much enjoy all of your posts (you are very funny and talented and hope you hit it big soon), if I had to pick I guess I most enjoy your personal stories and commentaries on unusual stories.

    And while you are quite active, I wouldn’t say you send too many. I may not check them all out, but the are there if I am so inclined.

    Thanks for asking and for your great sense of humor.


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  3. I follow you on Facebook
    Mix of stories
    I enjoy reading all of your articles. Keep them coming!
    I find them very interesting Kelly


  4. I see your posts on Facebook, then usually go through the blogs and read any posts I have missed and read my favorites again! I love them all, so keep on writing about anything that seems interesting to you. We’ll love it. As for frequency, well, how fast can you write? I can read several posts a day. 😉 Just don’t do fewer, please! You’re my favorite columnist of all time. I’ve been enjoying you since you first came to Athens back when I was just a tiny little child and you were a writing infant prodigy.


  5. Kelly,

    I enjoy reading everything you write! I get notices by email, but usually they also show up in my newsfeed on facebook. I really enjoy a mix of everything you write about…we seem to have a lot of things in common, besides just age 🙂 I love reading stuff about all things southern, humorous women-folk stuff, and the current goings-on in our area. Since I knew you a little bit way back when, it is nice to also read about things going on with you! Keep up the great work! 🙂



  6. Kelly, ALL of your posts have been interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing interesting state facts, info and history.


  7. If a notification were to go my email, I would never see your blog. Facebook is best for me, unless you can help me clear several thousand emails……..wait I should contact Mrs. Clinton. / This is meant to be funny, I don’t do politics. If I did politics I would post on Twitter.


  8. I see your posts on Facebook. I am most drawn to stories about the things that make Alabama unique, places to visit, and humor of the southern kind.


  9. I get notices about your new posts via my email. You have a real gift for humor, especially when writing about your adventures with your daughter (reminds me of my adventures with my own “Baby Girl”). I’ve learned a lot of things about the South that I didn’t know, since I live in the Northeast. I like the various topics that you write about. It’s always a fun blog to read.


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