Outsider Art: Larry Baggett’s Trail of Tears Memorial, Jerome, MO

I have an affinity for outsider art. There’s just something admirable about a person who makes something from things people threw away and erects it on his or her front lawn. It’s fearless.

On our Route 66 honeymoon, Sweetums and I were taking a detour looking for the ruins of an old roadside resort in Jerome, MO. (We found it. More on that later). We were surprised to see a headless concrete figure of a man beside Highway D and quickly turned around to see what was hidden in the overgrowth beyond it. We’d stumbled on the ruins of Larry Baggett’s Trail of Tears Memorial, made largely of rocks and concrete. Before he died in 2003 at the age of 78, Baggett had created a large and detailed memorial, as you can see on a Facebook page managed by his grandson. Unfortunately, the elements have taken their toll and not much remains of the memorial.

Click through the gallery to see what the memorial looked like when we visited in October 2016.

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