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You’re here! So glad you came. This is my first “official” blog post on, which went live last night (already filled with some fun, backloaded content.) I wanted to test it this morning and be sure everyone is getting notifications and tell you a little about what to expect.

Firstly, this blog is an extension of my work at, where I write about quirky roadside attractions and little-known state history. Here, on this blog, I will write about weird and quirky things from across the country. I backloaded several newly written features, including a post on the Haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, roadside concrete artworks in Jerome, Mo., and a gallery of Very Large Things I’ve visited.

I also write a weekly humor column for on subjects such as my husband, Sweetums, wanting to dress like Sasquatch at our wedding last fall, and “Does being a high-maintenance woman make my butt look big?” I will link them here each week marked “Column,” for those who are followers. That way, you will get an email notification when a new one is posted.

I also will write about Southern Stuff, including everything from southern wedding ideas to my annoyance that Hollywood thinks we all talk like Rhett But-lah. From time-to-time, I’ll include posts on my struggles as a single mother because I didn’t have much support during the leanest years and I hope my posts might offer support to other single moms.

Be sure to click the blog heading for the latest content! I post columns every week (barring illness), usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays and I plan to post original content here about four times weekly. Pick and choose – there’s something for everyone!

Thanks so much for coming aboard. I hope you will sign up for email notifications and keep up with my latest weirdness.

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