Natural (ODD)yssey

Dismals Canyon, God’s playground

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Looking for a family trip to the great outdoors? A walk through Dismals Canyon in Phil Campbell, AL, a National Natural Landmark, is like walking through the Land Before Time. The massive, moss-covered boulders are scattered as if God threw them willy-nilly. It’s not a huge canyon or a long walk but there are so many beautiful things to discover and the opportunity to take gorgeous photos.

At night, groups of rare glowing larvae light up one section of the canyon like tiny stars against the sky. These are known as Dismalites.

At the entry to the canyon, you can eat at the general store and diner. Try a slugburger, if you’ve never had the pleasure. There’s also a pool created by the waterfalls for swimming … if you can stand the shocking cold! The privately owned park also offers camping. It’s located at 901 highway 8, Phil Campbell, AL. Call 205-933-4599 or click here for info.

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