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Let’s vote: Does Sweetums need a new love handle?

My oversized husband is accustomed to people shouting at him on a regular basis: “Hey, you’re Sweetums!” He smiles and nods and then, I’m guessing, goes around the corner and hits his head against a wall. Kidding!

He loves the name “Sweetums” … as far as I know. It has been the name I use for him in columns and blogs since not long after we met in 2012. I even gave him a Muppets Sweetums doll, er, action figure, for Christmas a few years ago.

When I do public speaking, I sometimes get asked – only by men – if my 6-foot-7, burly-man Sweetums had any choice in his very public, very sweet nickname. I tell them yes: I gave him three options – he could be “Nummy Buns,” “Sugar Tushy” or “Sweetums.” He picked Sweetums. Here’s a blog post I wrote about it.

After 10 years – we met in October 2012, two weeks after I left my job of 11 years as managing editor of the newspaper in Athens, Ala., and started writing for – I am wondering if Sweetums needs a nickname upgrade. What do you think?

Let’s come up with some choices, just riffing here:

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