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People ask, I answer: Why is my 6-foot-7 Sweetums called ‘Sweetums?

Y’all know my Sweetums is a big fella, right? He’s 6-foot-7, about 300 pounds … or as one friend put it, he’s a “big fuzzy ball of Yeti.” His size, in part, is where his interest in Sasquatch began – and the start of our ***heavy sigh*** massive collection of Sasqui memorabilia. (I am hoping to trademark “Sasqui” as the official plural of Sasquatch, so don’t steal it. Just sayin.’)

Any-hoo, let’s get this blog train back on track. I was discussing Sweetums and his nickname. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop him and say, “You must be Sweetums.” People are always asking me if my big, manly Sweetums really appreciates being referred to as “Sweetums.”

My answer is: He chose the name himself. Sometimes people don’t believe me. So I explain: I gave him three options – he could be “Nummy Buns,” “Sugar Tushy” or “Sweetums.” He picked Sweetums.

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(Side note: We later discovered there is a Muppet named Sweetums, who is a large, hairy monster, which just made my Sweetums love the name “Sweetums” even more.)

The second question people typically ask is, “What does Sweetums call you?” Again, I gave him options. He could call me “Gorgeous Skinnygirl,” “Skinny Gorgeousgirl,” “Hotty McHotface,” “Everlasting Love of My Life,” “Center of My Universe,” and a few others. Generally, he calls me “Schmootzie Poo.” I pretend it translates to: “Root of All My Happiness.” Hey, it works for us.

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