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Guest blog: My trip to Mt. Cheaha, home of Bigfoot

Below is a guest blog by Sweetums, who loves hiking at Cheaha State Park.

By Wil Elrick

As I am sure you already know, Alabama is one of the most beautiful states in our great nation. We have everything from beaches to mountains and everything in between. With many majestic mountains and forests, Alabama in the fall creates a wonderful palette of autumn colors to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and while there are lots of wonderful places to see the beautiful fall change, there is one spot in Alabama that I rank as the best: Cheaha State Park.

View from atop Cheaha Mountain. (Wil Elrick)

The first and main reason that I pick Cheaha as the best is that fact that Mount Cheaha is the state’s highest point at 2,407 feet, which gives you a tremendous view of all the valley. If you have never seen the piedmont region of Alabama during the fall color change, you are missing out. The park’s famed “Bald Rock” provides seriously stunning views and is a leisurely walk from a nearby parking area making it very accessible. The “Pulpit Rock” trail also brings some splendid views. It isn’t just the trails that lend to the wonderful scenery. The parks cabins and lodge area all situated in a manner to take advantage of our state’s natural beauty.

The Talladega Scenic Drive is considered one of the most beautiful road trips in our state and passes through Cheaha as it goes into the Talladega National Forest. The drive is 26.4 miles and according to America’s Scenic Byways it should take about an hour, and you will enjoy travelling the backbone of Cheaha and Horseblock mountains which mark the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountain range.

Cheaha State Park opened in 1933 and from that time until 1939 The Civilian Conservation Corps created Cheaha Lake and many structures throughout the park as a way to get American’s back to work and recover from the Great Depression. Most of the facilities are still visible today and no visit to the park would be complete without a climb to the top of the stone bunker tower. You can also learn all about the C.C.C. during your visit at a museum dedicated to a service that did so much for the state of Alabama. There is also the Walt Farr Native American Museum containing hundreds of rare Native American relics.

Last, but not least, of reasons to visit Cheaha is their love and embracing of the legendary Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The park features a large statue of the famous cryptid in addition to a hiking trail named after him. You will also find Bigfoot themed signage throughout the park and plenty of Bigfoot themed merchandise to take home.

Cheaha trail sign. (Wil Elrick)

3 thoughts on “Guest blog: My trip to Mt. Cheaha, home of Bigfoot”

  1. I met 2 film makers about 10 years ago & they were filming a movie about Bigfoot AND it was filmed on Cheaha Mt. Alabama…AND every since then people are convinced BIGFOOT lives on Cheaha


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