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10 Baskets of Biscuits: My new Southern picture book and how to buy it

When I wrote the latest edition of the It’s a Southern Thing picture book series, I had my grandmothers’ homes in mind, especially Grandmother Gray. She was an Avon lady for more than 40 years and had an entire room of her house in Warner Robins, Ga., filled with shelves filled with Avon decanters and collectible figures. I still have her collection of porcelain Avon lady figures.

I wanted this book – “10 Baskets of Biscuits: A Southern Counting Book” – to feel like a real visit to your Southern grandmother’s house, so it includes button boxes and candy jars and figurines and quilts and cousins and peach trees, all so your favorite child can count the items on the page. I hope it brings back lots of memories for the grandparents and parents who buy copies. Click here to buy copies. Also you can save by buying all three together, here.

This is the third book n the Southern series, which also includes “Y is for Y’all: A Book of Southern ABCs,” and “A Southern Night Before Christmas.” But guess what??? Another book is in the works! “No Hissy Fits: A Southern Book of Manners,” will (I hope) be out by the end of 2021. I know that is a book parents and grandparents will enjoy reading to their little ones.

This fun series of high-quality picture books would not have been possible without the publishing team at It’s a Southern Thing and without Michelle Hazlewood Hyde, who is such an amazing artist. She brings these adorable Southern children to life, in all their diversity.

Check out the photos of the new counting book and the covers for the first two books below. I hope you enjoy the series.

Copies of the book “10 Baskets of Biscuits” arrived in the mail this week! (Kelly Kazek)
From”10 Baskets of Biscuits” (Kelly Kazek)
From”10 Baskets of Biscuits” (Kelly Kazek)
Charlotte Mitchell reading “Y is for Y’all.” (Courtesy of It’s a Southern Thing)
“A Southern Night Before Christmas.” (Courtesy of It’s a Southern Thing)

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