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Dick’s 5 & 10 has the feel of an old variety store

We’d never heard of Dick’s 5 and 10 before we went to Branson, Mo., in August, but we quickly found is was advertised as one of the city’s biggest tourist draws. While it is like an old-fashioned variety store, it also had the feel of those big, tacky souvenir shops. The difference was, alongside the T-shirts and shot glasses, you could buy everything from embroidery threads to kitchen supplies in the 10,000 square feet of Dick’s.

Sweetums, of course, bought some tiny Bigfoot feet he can put on his fingers and “walk” on things, by which I mean me. The store is reportedly always crowded and it was a bit too full for social distancing to we didn’t stay long, even though we wore our masks, of course.

Here’s what the Dick’s website says of the business: It was founded in about 1970 by Richard L. “Dick” Hartley (1926-2006).

“For more than half a century, Dick’s 5 and 10 has been a cornerstone of Downtown Branson and shopping in Southwest Missouri. With unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else, one-of-a-kind collections spanning generations, toys from yesteryear, items for the home, games, hobby supplies, sewing, an aisle of the quirky and fun and so much more, Dick’s 5 and 10 is must-visit during your Branson vacation or day-trip.”

Dick’s 5 & 10 in downtown Branson, Mo. (Courtesy of Dick’s)
The iconic sign over the sidewlak at Dick’s. (Wil Elrick)
Social-distancing sign inside Dick’s. (Wil Elrick)
Inside the store (Courtesy of Dick’s)

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