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Branson is a town filled with oversized wackiness

Sweetums and I had heard Branson, Mo., was sort of like Pigeon Forge – home to all kinds of shows and tacky tourist attractions. We decided to stop by since it was close to one of our destinations, Eureka Springs, Ark.

We weren’t disappointed in its tackiness. There was plenty of fun weirdness to go around, including the World’s Largest Toy Museum, which I’ll post about later in the week.

For this post, I am featuring photos of 10 oversized items we came across in Branson. Enjoy!

Oversized banjo inside the Grand Country Mall in Branson. The 47-foot long neck sticks out from the exterior of the building. (Wil Elrick)
The oversized banjo. (Wil Elrick)
A random Bigfoot in Branson. (Wil Elrick)
This giant camera was on the exterior of an amazing attraction. Or at least that’s what it said; it was closed. (Wil Elrick)
King Kong on the side of a building in Branson. (Wil Elrick)
A giant fork , meatball, bell pepper and tomato at Pasghetti’s, an Italian restaurant. (Wil Elrick)
The giant fork and meatball at Pasghetti’s. (Wil Elrick)
A random big Reagan bust in a Branson parking lot. (Kelly Kazek)
This 43-foot-tall rooster is billed as the Worl’s Largest Rooster. It is outside the Great Ameircan Steak and Chicken restautrant in Branson. (Wil Elrick)
This statue outside the Veteran’s Musuem in Branson is considered the “world’s largest bronze war memorial sculpture.” It is 70 feet long and weighs 15 tons. (Wil Elrick)
An oversized fiddle neck sticks out from the Grand Country Mall in Branson. (Wil Elrick)
The oversized fiddle inside the mall. (Wil Elrick)
Yakov, whoever he is, was wearing his mask but the theater was closed when we were there. (Wil Elrick)

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