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Alabama makeup artist transforms herself into Joe Exotic and you’ll do a double take

 OK, disclaimer: I only watched part of one episode of the “Tiger King” series on Netflix because I am a huge animal lover and I disapprove of breeding wild animals in captivity. I figured if I watched more, I would likely get upset. BUT I’m glad I watched as much as I did so I would know what everyone else was talking about when the show took quarantined viewers by storm.

Like me, Amanda Chapman of Tuscumbia noticed people noticing “Tiger King’s” star, Joe Exotic. Because she is a photogrpaher and makeup artist extraordinaire, Amanda did what she does best and transformed herself into Joe Exotic using only makeup and a camera. See the results she shared on her Facebook page below. (I’ve written about Amanda’s amazing talents before for Click here to read how she celebrates Halloween.)

Amanda explained: “I think like most everyone else I tuned in to ‘Tiger King’ to see what the hype was all about and for a much needed distraction during this strange and difficult time. Boy, did it do that! While trying to find a way to stay productive and creative in quarantine so I don’t lose it,  I decided to do my own take on the Tiger King in hopes it provides a laugh or two for my family at home and my friends online. Even though we’re social distancing, laughter can still bring us together.”

Take a look at the amazing results:

Amanda’s kitty is NOT on board for this look. (No, the kitty was not harmed. It is a beloved family pet.)
Amanda Chapman as Joe Exotic. (Courtesy of Amanda Chapman)
How Amanda Chapman looks on a regular day. (Courtesy of Amanda CHapman)

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