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Update on my 'Guide to Southern Oddities' and check out this great new Southern phrase book

I wanted to update you all on some book news: One came early and another is coming to stores late.

Several of you have asked about “A Guide to Southern Oddities,” which was supposed to be in stores before Christmas. Editing and publishing would have been rushed so the publisher delayed its release until spring. As soon as I get a date I’ll let you know. This guidebook took lots and lots of work and was the result of numerous requests from people who wanted to take road trips to unusual places, like Sweetums and I do. Click here to read my theories on Weird Tourism.

It will be a fun and easy-to-follow guide to world’s largest and other weirdness in 11 states. For a preview, check out these blog posts on sites that will appear in the book:

The good news is that I got a little surprise on another book, this one published by It’s a Southern Thing. “Bless Your Heart: Southernisms for Any Occasion” came out at the end of November, just in time to make amazing Christmas gifts. It features an intro from Sean of the South himself — Sean Dietrich. I am one of four contributors from It’s a Southern Thing, including Amber Sutton, Haley Laurence and Jared Boyd. It’s a small gift book in hardcover with beautiful illustrations and calligraphy.

Bless Your Heart: Southernisms for Any Occasion (Photo from

If you have a Southerner on your list, it makes a great gift for $14.95. While your in the IAST shop, check out the Reckon Ball, which is a little toy I came up with. It’s a Southern version of the Magic 8 Ball and it’s really fun. I wrote the fun rules on the box, as well. It’s really large and only $14.99. Shopping on IAST is really fun! Check it out.

The title page from Bless Your Heart: Southernisms for Any Occasion.

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