Southern Thing Column

Dogs have no scruples about using those puppy eyes, the clever little sons of biscuits

If you missed last week’s column on It’s a Southern Thing (, you can read it by clicking here. Below are the first paragraphs.

Dogs can be sneaky little sons of biscuits. You know it’s true. None of us like to admit it but our little fluffbottoms are masterful at manipulating us, mainly because we spoil them worse than we do our human offspring.

Be honest:

  • Do you give your human child a treat every time she goes potty in the yard?
  • Scratch her and tell her she’s got the cutest widdle ears in the entire galaxy?
  • Do you smile indulgently when she puts her head into the garbage can and tears a pizza box into parade confetti?

And tell me you’ve ever put your pupper in time out. You may have tried, but after a few minutes, you worry that you’ve hurt his feelings and imagine him sitting in his kennel all alone, sobbing. It’s more than a human heart can take.

That’s the reason God made them so cute. But it turns out, dogs are wired to continue getting even cuter to make even bigger suckers of us humans. Click here to read the entire column on It’s a Southern Thing.

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