Six days, 12 towns, 21 astonishing stops … one heck of an ODDyssey

Wow, y’all. Sweetums and I, with 15-year-old “Groover” in tow, just got back from one of our best trips ever. He had to go to Fort Worth, Texas, on business and, because I needed to take photos for my upcoming guide to oddities in the South, we made it into a road trip.

Some of you followed along on social media but I promised more detailed posts on all our stops. You can see our route below. I posted 18 different albums along our six-day trip and I have photos divided into 27 folders for posts so it may take a few weeks. I plan to start posting on Monday.

In the meantime, go check out my personal Facebook page or Kelly Kazek’s Weird South or Instagram (same posts on each) and take a look at some random photos below. I will leave them unexplained for now …

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