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A visit to beautiful Hogeye, Kentucky

I love old barns but in particular those painted with advertisements or messages. Maybe it’s because See Rock City barns are so picturesque. Whatever the reason, Sweetums and I always stop to take a photo when we see one. We’ve taken photos of See Rick City barns, Visit Sequoyah Caverns in Alabama (now closed) and Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco in Missouri. Many of the barns in Kentucky are adorned with “barn quilts,” a piece of wood painted like a quilt square and attached to the barn. I also love to take photos of those colorful adornments.

On our way to the very quaint South Union Shaker Village in Auburn, Ky. (You can see those photos by clicking here), we passed one of the most unique painted barns we’ve seen. It was black, in itself unusual, and painted with the words “See Beautiful Hogeye.” The words were flanked by two barn quilts.

At the time, we had no idea what it meant. I came across the photos the other day and decide to look it up. I found the place on the map where we took the photo (type 5676 Morgantown Road, Franklin, Ky., into Google Maps to see it). It is located next to an old house that, before it burned in 2016, had a little sign over the door that said “Hogeye Town Hall.” I know this because it can still be seen on the satellite image, which was taken in 2013, and because I found a photo taken in 2014 on the Facebook page “Map Dot, Kentucky.”

On that page, a commenter wrote “Hogeye is named for the man who used to run the store in front of that barn.”

The community is no longer referred to as Hogeye on maps and that is all the history I could find, with the exception of a 2017 vlog on YouTube that claims the home is haunted by a person who reportedly died in the tragic fire there.

If anyone has any information on why the community is called Hogeye or the barn or the little house with the town hall sign, email me at kellykazek@kellykazek.com or comment below.

At least we got a new photo for our collection of barn signs.

A barn on Morgantown Road/Highway 73 in Kentucky. (Photo by Kelly Kazek | Permission Required)
A barn on Morgantown Road/Highway 73 in Kentucky. (Photo by Kelly Kazek | Permission Required)
The house with the “Hogeye Town Hall” sign at 5676 Morgantown Road, Franklin, Ky. (The number on the door is different from the number needed to find it on Google Maps.) The thing that appears to be a creepy bat over the door is actually an eagle carving turned at an angle when one end came unattached.(Courtesy of Map Dot, Kentucky Facebook page)

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