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Who built the mysterious Georgia Guidestones?

A couple of years ago, Sweetums and I spent my birthday on a tour of north Georgia before heading to my hometown of Warner Robins to visit family and friends. One reason I wanted to spend a vacation touring my home state is because I moved away when I was 11 years old and I knew there were dozens of more recent roadside attractions to see.

Tops on my list was the Georgia Guidestones monument. This strange site, located on an isolated hill in Elberton, holds many secrets. Who ordered the slabs, which are carved with 10 “guidelines for humanity” in six languages? What do the guidelines mean? Is there really a time capsule buried on the site, as an informational marker states? If so, what’s inside? The answers to our questions, perhaps?

The monument is sometimes vandalized with spray paint and is the source of controversy. Some believe the “guidelines” come from members of a Satanic or New World Order group. However, some say the guidelines can be found in the Bible.

Decide for yourself. The very short video below tells when it was erected and lists the guidelines we’re supposed to follow. Roadside Rating: 5 of 5 markers.

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