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Win a copy of one of my books, just by following the blog

I’m having a little contest, y’all. I’m giving away copies of my books to 10 (TEN!) people who are signed up to follow my blog via email. The first round of five winners will be chosen from those who are signed up by midnight Wednesday, October 25 (that includes those already signed up). They will be announced Thursday, Oct. 26 by email and Facebook.

The second round of five will be chosen from those signed up by midnight Thursday, Nov. 2 (announced Nov. 3 by email and on Facebook).

If you don’t enjoy my posts on the weird places I visit or southern humor, you can unfollow later. But surely you won’t want to.

To follow, look to the right of this post and click the brown Follow button beneath “Follow blog via email.”

The winners can choose from these books: “Fairly Odd Mother: Musings of a Slightly Off Southern Mom,” a collection of southern humor columns; “Hidden History of Auburn;” “Forgotten Tales of Alabama;” “Christmas Tales of Alabama;” “A History of Alabama’s Deadliest Tornadoes;” “Forgotten Tales of Tennessee” and “Alabama Scoundrels: Outlaws, Pirates, Bandits and Bushwhackers.”

(IMPORTANT NOTE: There are only three copies of “Fairly Odd Mother,” and they will be given away first come, first served. The people who respond first to the winner notification will get to choose first. The winner notifications will be sent out by Friday, Oct. 27, both on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter.)

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2 thoughts on “Win a copy of one of my books, just by following the blog”

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I’m one of the lucky people who won one of your books. I got ” Fairly Odd Mother”, and it’s just SO funny. I can really relate to it, even though my own “Baby Girl” (and my boy) are now both grown and on their own. My favorite story is the one about all the crazy expenses you run into when your child is on a sports (or similar) team. My daughter was on an ice skating team and it was EXACTLY like what you described. I kept expecting them to send me a memo that said ” Topic: Your Checkbook-Don’t leave home without it!” Sort of like the old American Express commercial, I even started to wonder why they didn’t take credit cards! It’s long enough ago now that I can laugh about it, but it wasn’t at all funny at the time.

    I also really liked the one about “ruint” kids, at work us teachers often get on the subject these days about how parents are spoiling their kids rotten. My daughter teaches college and even runs into this with her “adult” students. Well, I told her, they’ve been coddled since infancy.
    Blame modern day parenting: both extremes, too much or not enough.

    You have a real gift for humor, and I pick this book up when I’ve had a hard day and need a good laugh. You remind me a lot of Erma Bombeck. I was an avid reader of her column back in the day. Thanks, and keep up the good work!


    1. You are so sweet to let me know your thoughts on the book. It’s like a review … and a really good one! I LOVED Erma Bombeck. I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories in FOM. I have a new humor book coming out in spring. I hope you will like it too. Thanks again.


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