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How to have the best first wedding anniversary … and it does involve sheets

Sweetums has done it again. Yesterday, on our first anniversary, he took me on a surprise road trip. He kept saying I would figure it out before we got there, but I was stumped. His clues didn’t help because he said it wasn’t a roadside attraction, which is our typical destination.

We put on the Route 66 T-shirts we bought on our honeymoon (I’ll wait while you say, “awwwww”) and headed toward Moulton, where he turned toward town. As we pulled into the downtown square, I still had no clue. Finally, as he was parking, I looked up and saw a building with the sign, “Red Land Cotton.”

Oooooohhh!!! We were going to get some amazing made-in-Alabama sheets!!

Red Land sheets
We bought a set of white sheets, a set of ticking-striped pillow cases and a pillow that says “I love you like biscuits and gravy.”

I had commented on a story about the company that I would love to have some of the sheets but I would never be able to buy $300 sheets. Sweetums remembered that and decided we needed a set of $300 sheets. I feel very much like a celebrity.

red land 7
Inside the Red Land Cotton store in Moulton. They also sell towels and some special cleaning solutions for the sheets.

Red Land Cotton only recently opened a storefront in Moulton because much of its business is done online. It was a cute little shop with its variety of sheets on a circular table in the center. There aren’t many to choose from, mainly because they are such a specialty item. Plus, they don’t really need to be fancy when they feel so good. There were about four varieties of white, then some in off-white, and then one set in ticking stripes. We both loved the ticking but the sheets seemed a tad heavier than the others, plus we like to be able to bleach the white ones if they get dingy.

red land 2
The border on the set of sheets I chose.

I chose a set with a simple border design, which Sweetums jokingly pointed out after we left cost $65 more than the plain edging. Oh, well, I never was one to look at price tags. Plus, I figured we may as well go all out, right? That’s why I also had to have the little pillow that said, “I love you like biscuits and gravy.” The store also sells gorgeous and homey duvet covers, towels, cleaning products for the linens and some 1818 Farms products.

Red Land 5
I had to buy this.

The folks at Red Land loved our story and the fact that we drove there to buy our anniversary sheets. They were very sweet and helpful. We are using the sheets tonight for the first time. Can’t wait!

Red Land 3
The Red Land Cotton store.

After leaving the store, we decided to drive through Bankhead National Forest. It was such a beautiful day, sunny and mid-60s. We stopped at Sipsey Fork and took a short hike in an area filled with massive, moss-covered boulders. It was so pretty. I’ll share photos of that in another post.

It was a perfect anniversary day, although Sweetums did question my choice of “Gerald’s Game” as our movie that night. I don’t know why … just because the husband dies and a dog begins to chew on him…

Thank you, Sweetums, for your thoughtfulness.

red land 9
The Red Land Cotton storefront in Moulton.

7 thoughts on “How to have the best first wedding anniversary … and it does involve sheets”

  1. You two are living and loving local! Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on marring a man who listens to what you want ( and remembers ) ❤️


      1. You will be the Queen in your beautiful sheets!
        FYI those holes on the hem part is called ” hem stitching”. Done with a special needle and a ” hem stitch machine”!
        Of course, you already knew that!😂 Those little holes “up the ante “$$$$ on those sheets!
        Sleep well Queen Kelly! And Happy Anniversary!


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Your choice isn’t much worse/better than my husband’s would be. One of the Saw movies for sure or Killer Joe lol.
    Glad you had fun ❤
    Leigh Ann Whitley


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