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If Sweetums doesn’t want his cookie eaten, he shouldn’t leave it lying around

I’m about to out myself as a cookie hog by telling you a real-life text thread between Sweetums and me.

The background: Sweetums’ youngest son, Groover, was with us last weekend and Groover and I walked up to Edgar’s Bakery near our home. He got a cupcake and chose one iced pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie each for me and Sweetums. I ate mine as soon as we got home. Sweetums did not.

Our texts from Monday morning, when Sweetums was at the office and I was home:

Me: “You left your cookie in my line of sight. Does this mean it’s fair game?”

(I am a firm believer that if someone doesn’t eat a special treat gifted to him within 24 hours, he forfeits his rights to it. Besides, that cookie was a thing of beauty.)

Sweetums: “I meant to eat it this morning but you are more than welcome to it.”

Me (hoping to alleviate any guilt and also ensure I had done due diligence to obtain permission): “I really should save it for you. But I don’t want to.”

Sweetums: “Up to you. You are not going to hurt my feelings if you eat it. If you don’t I will eat it so you don’t. My affection for cookies is not as high as yours.” (He knows I like him to get sweets out of my way because I am working to get fit. He also knows there was very little chance the cookie would still be there when he got home.)

Me: “Obvi.” Nom, nom, nom.

The epilogue: That cookie was worth every extra calorie …. and being teased by Sweetums.

Pumpkin sugar cookie from Edgar’s Bakery.

4 thoughts on “If Sweetums doesn’t want his cookie eaten, he shouldn’t leave it lying around”

  1. I like the 24-hour rule. My husband will ask me, weeks later, where the chocolates are. Really? They flung themselves at me every time I walked into the kitchen. They didn’t survive a week.


  2. I would have eaten it and never mentioned it again. But my “sweetums” doesn’t care for any cookies other than homemade Toll House chocolate chip cookies. The kids and I have been known to hide them after baking (many years ago), but how do you get that delicious smell out of the house?


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