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I’m famous in Liverpool, y’all. Really, not really.

Y’all, I just had a one-of-a-kind experience: I was interviewed about being a weird news reporter for a podcast in Liverpool.

Yes, Liverpool.  (Why? Your guess is as good as mine.)

The producer for a podcast hosted by Pete Price, a well-known and sometimes controversial personality across the pond, emailed me just days after my Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. He wanted to have me as a guest and I said sure. I mean, it’s not every day ordinary Alabama reporters like me get a stage in Liverpool. I wondered if they invited me just to hear an accent from the American South but both the producer, John Fogarty, and Pete Price were wonderful hosts.

I recounted one historical story that has ties to Alabama and Liverpool, the tale of a Mobile native born during the Civil War who may have been married to Jack the Ripper. Her story is an interesting one: She was convicted of murdering her husband, although many proclaimed her innocence, and spent 15 years in an British prison. It wasn’t until after her death in 1941 that she was linked to Jack the Ripper when her husband was named as a suspect in the 100-year-old murders. Click here to read the full story.

Then I talked about some of my other weird news stories for about half an hour. I hope I was interesting enough for his audience. I always have doubts after an interview about how well it went and, of course, kick myself for things I forgot to mention.

I guess we’ll know when the podcast is posted online. John Fogarty just emailed me that the podcast will go out in the UK tomorrow night but we won’t be able to hear it here for a while. He’ll let me know. Maybe I’ll find some fans in Liverpool. But even if it bombs, I had a good time. Plus, now I can say I have an audience overseas with a straight face. Keep checking here for an announcement when it posts.

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