Too funny: When pics of women in pants passed for ‘dirty’ magazine

This is HI-larry-ous, y’all. Sometimes when I come across weirdness in my daily searches, I just have to share. And don’t worry, this is completely suitable for work. I was looking for public domain photos and came across what passed for a “dirty magazine” in 1903 — filled with photos of women wearing pants.

The magazine was called Vanity Fair, but it was a different one from today’s Vanity Fair, according to The Public Domain Review. (And the “gay” on the cover refers to “happy.” Obviously, these women are thrilled to be out of corsets, so much so that one woman “forgot” to put on a shirt.)

The female models who dared to wear “men’s pants,” were called bifurcated girls. Bifurcate means to break into two branches and the sight was apparently enough to get men in a sweat.

Check out these photos. Just had to share ….

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