‘Hell is Hot! Hot! Hot! Especially if you have (whisper) the sex

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William Carlton Rice of Prattville, AL, has been gone from this earth for more than 13 years but the legacy he created still sends a Biblical message to passersby. Basically, Rice wanted people to know to be mindful of their actions because “Hell is Hot Hot Hot!”

Rice, a deeply Pentecostal man, said he got a message from God to place religious symbols in his yard. He erected crosses and painted messages on found objects such as ovens and refrigerators. Many of the messages were about sex and NOT having it. Presumably those messages were for the unwed folk. Other messages said, “Father, Forgive Them,” “Hypocrite,” the popular “Jesus Saves” and, another favorite, “God Said the World’s Coming to an End.” My favorite is the oven that says “In Hell from Sex.”

Mr. Rice died in 2004 at the age of 72. He was adding to his Cross Garden, as he called it, until his death. His family left the crosses standing and cuts the grass but the crosses are slowly deteriorating. To find the site, go to Indian Hills Road (Autauga County Road 86) where it connects to Rice’s Park Circle. The crosses can be seen on both sides of the road. NOTE: This is private property but there is a place to pull over and take photos from the road.

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