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See Miss Electra, one of Alabama’s giants, up close

In July, I took a quick road trip. I was randomly driving around downtown Birmingham and came across one of my favorite Alabama giants: Miss Electra. 

She is perched atop the historic Alabama Power Building, which is a work of art in its own right. I pulled over to take a photo of Electra, although Jeff Newman of Birmingham Underground takes much better ones, shown below. 

The 1925 Alabama Power Building in Birmingham, Ala. (Kelly Kazek)

She’s 23 feet tall. If you were to stand beside Electra on the ground, she would be more than 4 times as tall as you. She ranks third among Birmingham giants after Vulcan, 56-feet high on top of a 126-foot pedestal, and the 36-foot-tall replica of Liberty. 

All the details of the statue, the building and Alabama Power can be found in one of my stories at this link. 

Miss Electra up close. Gorgeous photo by Jeff Newman | Underground Birmingham)
Miss Electra and details of the Alabama Power Building. (Kelly Kazek)

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