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The intriguing Ace of Clubs House

Below is a brief excerpt from my 2020 book, “A Guide to the South’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions.” It is a Books-a-Million exclusive and can be purchased in stores or on the website here.

The intriguing name for this house comes from the fact that it is shaped like a club, with three octagonal wings and a rectangular wing. Built in 1885 for James Harris Draughon, the Italianate Victorian home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark. It is open as a museum.

Inside the Ace of Clubs House (Carol Highsmith | Library of Congress)

According to the Texas Forest Trail website, “Legend has it a lucky card drawn in a poker game inspired its cloverleaf shape. Inside, its rooms provide a glimpse of Texarkana high society between 1880 and 1940.”

To visit: Ace of Clubs House, 420 Pine Street, Texarkana, Texas

903-793-4831; Admission Fee

End excerpt

Additional info

The Arkansas tourism website quotes Bib Villa: “You rarely see a house that is so perfect in every detail and spans the years of a family having the house for 100 years.”

It was available for weddings, receptions, lawn parties, club or business meetings but be sure to check for updated information

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