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Is Barbie Beach the tackiest roadside attraction ever? See for yourselves

On a recent trip through Georgia, I was driving along Highway 16 when I spotted a sign that said “Barbie Beach Parking.” I did a double take and looked for a place to turn around, exclaiming “I didn’t realize Barbie Beach was on our route.” I told Rebekah, my friend and fellow traveler, that I’d read about the strange roadside attraction and always wanted to see it.

We turned around, parked and walked through the yard to the completely weird and creepy display. It consists of an area of sand filled with naked Barbie and Ken dolls engaging in activities like horseback riding and sunbathing. It also included a Barbie-sized pub called “Mort’s Bar.”

The scenes change regularly, according to a story on Atlas Obscura. The attraction was created in 2006 by Steve and Linda Quick, who live on the property, in honor of the Turin Olympics. (The street address says it is located in Senoia but locals know it is in the community of Turin, Ga.)

Barbie Beach in Senoia, Ga. (Kelly Kazek)

“The Walking Dead” TV show is filmed in nearby Senoia and Atlas Obscura says the cast visited Barbie Beach. “When the producers of ‘The Walking Dead’ (which was filmed in the same county) saw Barbie Beach, they were inspired to gift the owners with several zombie Barbies,” the article said.

Is this attraction worth stopping for? I’ll let you look at the photos and decide. Many locals think it’s tacky. For me, someone who writes about roadside oddities, it was irresistible. It was great to check one more strange site from my list. (Besides, I wanted Rebekah to have to real Odd Travels Road Trip experience. I think she was impressed.)

To visit, set your navigator to 4397-4679 GA-16, Senoia, Ga. 30276

Barbie Beach in Senoia, Ga. (Rebekah Davis)
Barbie Beach in Senoia, Ga. (Rebekah Davis)
Barbie Beach in Senoia, Ga. (Kelly Kazek)

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