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My burly 6-foot-7 hubby wants to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie and I’m so confused

Below is an excerpt of a column that originally appeared on It’s a Southern Thing. Click here to be redirected to the full column now.

Sweetums may be going through a midlife crisis. Thankfully, he has no interest in flashy sports cars so he’s changing things up by … becoming an actor. Yep.

He recently had a role in a small B C … D-ish-movie generally categorized as a horror-comedy. It was being filmed near our home in North Alabama over the winter and the crew happened to have a part for a 6-foot-7, 350-pound bearded, burly man. This has set him on a course of action so unexpected, it’s difficult for me to put into words – he wants to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Don’t ask me why a man who loves his movies filled with superheroes, monsters and serial killers has set his sites on such a lofty achievement. But to be honest, he’s always been a Renaissance man. He’s been a SWAT team member, TV producer, marketing manager, IT guy, non-reverend wedding officiant and lover of all things Sasquatch.

And then there’s his love of Hallmark Christmas movies, the predictable kind that even I only enjoy if I’m also wrapping gifts and trimming the tree. Not Hallmark movies. Not Christmas movies. Hallmark Christmas movies. He can’t get enough of them, as soon as the horror movies are all done on Oct. 31. A guy doesn’t get much deeper than that. Click here to read the full column.

Sweetums and the donkeys at the Christmas Tree Farm. (Kelly Kazek)

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