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Mother’s Day reading ideas and special deals

I don’t do these kinds of posts often but here’s a shameless plug: Mother’s Day is coming up and, if she’s a reader, I have a few ideas for gifts for your mom.

I’m cleaning out some shelves so through next Wednesday, you can order SIGNED copies of a handful mine and Sweetums’ books for 20 percent off for and have them shipped or pick up in time for Mother’s Day. CURRENTLY, YOU MUST EMAIL TO ORDER SIGNED COPIES. Shipping $3 per book. (We can’t guarantee shipping without priority shipping after Tuesday.)

You can find all of my books here, including children’s books, but the books below are a few we recommend just for moms:

Fairly Odd Mother: Musings of a Slightly Off Southern Mom, softcover, regularly $15.95, now $12.75

Humorous Essays by Kelly Kazek

Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter, softcover, regularly $15, now $12

Humorous Essays by Kelly Kazek

Alabama Lore: The Choccolocco Monster, Huggin’ Molly, the Lost Town of Cottonport and Other Mysterious Tales, softcover, regularly $23.99, now $19.

A collection of state lore by Wil Elrick

Covered Bridges of Alabama, softcover, regularly $23.99, now $19

A history and photo listing of the state’s more than 50 covered bridges by Kelly Kazek and Wil Elrick

Hidden History of Auburn, softcover, regularly $19.99, now $16

Fun, little-known facts for Auburn University alumni and fans by Kelly Kazek

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