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Turns out, the birthplace of Superman is right here on earth

It was at Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio, that two self-described geeks met and changed the comic book industry forever. The boys, Canada-native Joseph Shuster and Ukraine-born Jerry Siegel, teamed up to create Superman, the very first superhero, in 1932.

Superman, who debuted in Action Comics No. 1, was the creation of Siegel, who wrote the first story featuring the Man of Steel at the age of 18. Shuster, an artist, drew Superman and illustrated the comics.

A couple of years ago, Sweetums and I were fortunate enough to visit three sites in Cleveland that are dedicated to the history of Superman.

The modest house where the Siegel family lived at 10622 Kimberly Avenue in Cleveland is still a private residence but it is marked for tourists as “the birthplace of Superman.” (One report says the family living there plans to eventually sell to a Superman fan/preservation group).

A sign on a fence in front of the home tells some of the history of Superman and says of Shuster and Siegel: “They didn’t just give us the world’s first super hero … they gave us something to believe in.” Nearby, a red “S” in a triangle adorns the fence.

The Cleveland, Ohio, home where Jerry Siegel lived when he created Superman. (Wil Elrick)

The apartments where the Shuster family lived were torn down years ago and a home was built on the lot at the corner of Amor Avenue and Parkwood Drive. A fence surrounding the lot is covered with brightly colored boards featuring Action Comics illustrations of Superman, as well as the history of Shuster and Siegel.

The site of the apartments where Joe Shuster lived with his family when he drew Superman, a character created by his high school friend, Jerry. (Wil Elrick)

An official historical marker is located in a nearby park.

The historical marker in the nighborhood where Siegel and Shuster lived. (Wil Elrick)

Shuster died in 1992 and Siegel in 1996. Both were inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame.

Here are a few more pics:

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