Southern Thing Column

‘Twas Bigfoot’s Night Before Christmas: Do you believe in Santa-squatch?

Below is an excerpt from last week’s column, which is a bit of Christmas whimsy. Do you believe in Santa-squatch? Please read the full column on by clicking here.

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And down in their burrow

Mama Squatch noticed

Truman’s little brow furrowed,

It was time, her son said,

To sit up and watch,

And prove the existence

Of old Santa Squatch.

Truman knew of the fellow,

A jolly old cryptid,

Who came once a year,

Bearing gifts, as predicted.

Santa Squatch was quite big

So Truman had heard

And wore a red suit

On top of his fur.

Truman knew he’d been good,

Hadn’t scared any humans

Was there room on the Nice List

For a Bigfoot named Truman? Click here to read the full column.

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