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My ‘Guide to the South’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions’ is available exclusively at Books-a-Million

For years, whenever I have given presentations about quirky places in the South, people have asked me if I had a list of places to share, or if one of my books provided one. I always had to say no.

FINALLY! My 12th book, recently released as a Books-a-Million exclusive, lists fun and unusual sights to see in 11 Southern states. It’s called “A Guide to the South’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions,” published by Arcadia. It costs $16.95 and CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED at BAM, either online or in a local store. Click here to buy the book online. Because of COVID, book signings were postponed so if you want a signed copy, just order one and we’ll figure out a way to get it signed. Email me at KellyKazek@KellyKazek.com.

If you like taking road trips to see World’s Largest Things or Stonehenge replicas, you need to keep this book handy. Each entry in the 350-page guide gives a description and an address or directions to the attraction. Many entries are accompanied by photos. (I think there are about 500 entries and 200 photos). Sweetums and I took many of the photos on our travels but I want to give a shout-out to my cousin Teresa Caldwell for her wonderful photos from South Carolina).

If you order a book and enjoy it, please leave a review on the BAM site for me. It’s easy.  

The back of the book says: “Wherever you are in the South, there’s something strange or stupendous nearby, and this catalogue of noteworthy curiosities and significant landmarks make sure you don’t miss a thing.”

Copies of “A Guide to the South’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions” are shown at the Books-a-Million in Huntsville.

3 thoughts on “My ‘Guide to the South’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions’ is available exclusively at Books-a-Million”

  1. This book is amazing! It was so fun to read about many of the different quirky stops in the South. I was also very impressed with the quality of the book. No cheap paper in it. That means it’ll last for a lifetime of road trips! Thanks for another great book, Kelly!


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