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Oh the places we’ll go with quarantine lifted

As a few states begin making plans to reopen our economy and lift restrictions on sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, our imaginations have begun to run wild. Suddenly, social media posts are about what we want to do and where we want to go once we go back to a more normal life.

As I began imagining merging back into life’s routines, my mind went to Dr. Seuss, which I’m sure surprises no one who knows me.

The Great One’s famous book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” inspired me to write a quarantine coming-out poem. Below is an excerpt. To read the entire poem on It’s a Southern Thing, click here. And be sure to follow your state and city’s regulations before heading out.

Oh, the Places We’ll Go with Quarantine Lifted!

Oh, the places we’ll go
As soon as we can
So many great places!
We’ll be off with our clans

We’ll go for a haircut
Or to buy a new blouse
Or to eat all we can
At a near Waffle House

We may get our nails done
Or a full mani-pedi
We’ll go shopping for stuff
We’ve never been so ready

But don’t go too fast
Let’s take it slow
So we’ll all still be able
To have places to go …. To read the entire poem on It’s a Southern Thing, click here.

Click here to check out my photos from the quarantine.

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