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This fun stop on I-75 in Georgia yielded fresh produce, TOE jam and moonshine

I’ve been meaning to write about a fun little stop Sweetums and I made last summer in Forsyth, Ga., but I seem to have lost my photos. Thankfully, Sweetums had taken some and I also found some on a Facebook page for the business, so I hope the owners don’t mind me borrowing a handful.

Sweetums and I noticed, as we always do, some weirdness going on at Exit 185 while driving along Interstate 75 one day. And, as we always do, we pulled off to check it out.

Sweetums selfie-ing with the helicopter at Hamlin Hills.

It turned out to be Hamlin Hills, which is billed as an agritourism site, which includes a produce stand in season, a petting zoo, all kinds of antique vehicles to look through, barbecue restaurant (weekends only), homemade jam and moonshine store and, in fall, corn maze and pumpkin patch.

The Hamlin Hills website says, “Our passion is behind everything that we do. We are locals in love with our animals, good food and great fun! Oh, and antiques of all kinds, especially tractors. Stop by and see them! Hamiln Hills is your one-stop spot for agritourism, located right off of I-75, exit 185. Come see us!”

After taking lots of fun photos, Sweetums bought a jar of TOE (tangerine, orange and elderberry) jam and some watermelon moonshine. (The jam was yummy, y’all).  It was a nice break from the road. If you want to check it out, the street address is 477 Dames Ferry Road in Forsyth. For information, call 844-386-3276.

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