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Baby Girl is engaged and here’s why I’m thrilled

Everyone in my family has to get accustomed to being fodder for my humor columns. Baby Girl has been suffering the longest — for 26 years, bless her heart. (I’ve known my big brother Doofus longer but his life is not nearly funny enough to be featured often — although he does figure prominently in my 2018 book “Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter.”)

Baby Girl got engaged last week and I am beyond thrilled I will soon have a new son-in-law (we are working on his column nickname so hold tight). The engagement did bring to mind a little anecdote I recounted in “Not Quite Right” about my own dad’s comments when I was a single mom. It seemed fitting to share it below. Click here to see the book and email to order signed copy for Christmas.

Here’s the short between-chapters anecdote:

I always laughed when my dad told a tired old joke during my lean single-mom years about how he wished I’d find someone to remarry and “to take over payments” on me. It was one of those cute things he said out of love. He never once minded how much I relied on him. Or at least that’s what I thought until Baby Girl was in her mid-20s and single and still calling me when her car broke down. Yeah, Dad was soooo not kidding.

I kid, Baby Girl. You are truly priceless and anyone would be lucky to take over payments on you.

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