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Our new book, ‘Covered Bridges of Alabama’ is in stores, y’all

covered bridge coverMonday was the release date for the second book co-authored by Sweetums and me. This time, his name was put on the cover first, whereas mine was first on “Alabama Scoundrels.” It’s a little annoying, sure, but The History Press now automatically puts names in alphabetical order. Apparently some co-authors fought over credit.

Any-hoo, the book is otherwise perfect. At least I think so. Here is the blurb from

Alabama’s covered bridges are reminiscent of a more romantic time, when people rode in horse-drawn buggies and couples stole kisses beneath their roofs. But they are also keepers of history–structures built by former slaves and Civil War soldiers. Such places are steeped in legend, including tales of ghostly children and the hanging of a sheriff turned outlaw. Just eleven historic covered bridges survive in Alabama–the oldest dating to the 1850s–but dozens of more recently constructed spans dot the landscape. Wil Elrick and Kelly Kazek provide photos and detailed information on more than fifty Alabama bridges, reveal the fate of the state’s lost bridges and delve into the haunting legends surrounding these nostalgic structures.

Christmas gifts

Like all of our books, the Covered Bridge book can be purchased at online or local booksellers. BUT if you want a personalized gift for someone (or yourself) for Christmas, just email and we can mail you a signed copy.

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Click here to see Sweetums other new book, “Alabama Lore.

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