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I’m offering a free author visit for book clubs who buy ‘Not Quite Right’

Have you been looking for an upbeat read for your next book club selection? If you think your group would enjoy reading and discussing my new humor book, “Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter,” I have a special offer for you.

  • Book club members will receive a discount on orders of multiple books: Orders of up to 5 copies of NQR will receive a 15 percent discount; orders of 6-25 books will receive a 20 percent discount and orders of 26 or more will receive a 25 percent discount. Regular cost of books is $15 each.
  • If book clubs with more than six members order copies at full price, I will come visit your group when you host your discussion after you finish reading. I will come at no cost up to a 90-minute drive from my home (I am in Huntsville, Alabama, so as far as Birmingham or cities in all directions into Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi). If you are more than a 90-minute drive away, I would charge a small stipend, just enough to cover travel expenses.

Here is what syndicated columnist Rheta Grimsley Johnson, author of  Enchanted Evening Barbie and the Second Coming, had to say about “Not Quite Right:”

Kelly Kazek follows in the tradition of another illustrious Alabama journalist who reveled in relating weird news — the late Kathryn Tucker Windham called herself the “odd-ball editor” — and at the same time effortlessly tells us about her own quirks. The most personal stories are studded with wisdom — “I learned that if girls line up holding paper numbers, boys will judge them….” — and some of the funniest and honest story-telling I’ve read in a while. Skip a lunch and buy this book.

Charles Ghigna, aka “Father Goose,” a poet and author of more than 100 children’s books, said:

“Pull up a chair and sit down. You’re about to sample a tasty feast. Kelly Kazek is serving up some of her down-home Southern fried wit and wisdom, a heaping platter of savory memoir, tall tales with a side order of saucy sarcasm, and a basket full of bless your heart biscuits. This ain’t your momma’s fried green tomatoes. This is Kazek at her best. Talking about herself, her family, and the people and places of the South she knows better than just about any other witty, kind-hearted soul. She’s in the kitchen cooking up some of that soul food right now, a mess of calorie-free memories you’ll not soon forget. Bon appétit, y’all.”

I would love to join you and see what your club members have to say (I think). Please email for details.

The book cover is ready! (3).jpg

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