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How did I NOT know about this artist and the World’s Largest Grit??!

A new follower on my Facebook page, Kelly Kazek’s Weird South, told me the most amazing news over the weekend. There exists in this world such a thing as …. wait for it … the World’s Largest Grit!

Here I’ve been, lackadaisically wandering through life without this knowledge. When I think of the precious brain energy I’ve wasted thinking about things like the World’s Largest Baseball Bat, the Bigfoot Museum and peanut butter s’mores when I could have been cogitating on this tribute to the diamond among grains … well.

So here’s what I know today – you’re welcome in advance – The Grit resides in Clarksville, Georgia. Leah Nattes was wandering through my Facebook page and posts here on the blog and messaged to say she enjoyed the stories. Then she told me to check out folk artist SamG of Georgia. She wrote: “Sam is a cool guy, His mind is beautiful and hilarious.” That’s when she sent a photo of The Grit and I saw it has its own Grit Temple, which is part of SamG Land.

I know it’s not a real grit, y’all. Every true southerner knows there is no such thing as a single grit. But it’s representational of everything that’s good and holy about the south. SamG does have a beautiful mind.

I messaged the artist, real name Sam Granger, and asked to use some photos for this blog post. I told him I just wanted to introduce my readers to the concept and I would come visit him this summer and do a longer story.

If you plan to go before I get there, here are the directions he sent, “1390 Tom Born Rd Clarkesville…. It’s kinda crazy how you get back here… You have to pull into the convenience store (M Mart) and take the ramp and jump the curb to enter the Magic Portal to SamG Land… Follow that driveway back into the woods. Best way if anyone wants to contact me is email samgfolkart@gmail.com or [Sam Granger on] Facebook.”

Here are links to his blog, Facebook page. His Instagram is @SamGfolkart. Also visit Leah’s Instagram @thedecayingsouth. Have fun!

world's largest grit temple
The World’s Largest Grit and its temple at SamG Land in Clarkesville, Georgia.
The World’s Largest Grit at SamG Land in Clarkesville, Georgia.
SamG Land in Clarkesville, Georgia.
SamG Land in Clarkesville, Georgia.
SamG Land in Clarkesville, Georgia.

4 thoughts on “How did I NOT know about this artist and the World’s Largest Grit??!”

  1. I have the honor of being friends with Sam. He is a beautiful soul…and he’s absolutely hilarious! Spending time with him will make your heart feel a lot more joyful. I have several pieces of his art and they make me happy each time I look at them.


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