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Loving the cover of my new book! Come see it and me at AL Book Fest

I am so excited to release the cover of “Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter.” I LOVE the fun design.

Come see the book and hear me speak on the humor-writing panel April 21 at the Alabama Book Festival in Montgomery. The best part about the festival, in addition to getting to meet some amazing authors, is that it is held in Old Town and everything is FREE! There are activities for the kids, free writing workshops, panels on a variety of topics and book signings.

Click here to see a list of activities, panels, workshops and authors.

You really should come by and see me and check out the new book, which is a collection of humor essays on my life and odd travels. The book will be available at the festival in a limited release and then it will be in stores in late June. The back-cover copy says:

There’s a reason they’re called privates, y’all.”

This is the kind of wisdom you can expect in Kelly Kazek’s hilarious memoir-ish book. And she should know: She managed to parlay her penchant for turning down dirt roads in search of World’s Largest Things and Stonehenge replicas into a job as a Weird News Reporter. She weaves comical accounts of the oddities she’s discovered with charmingly honest stories of life with her husband Sweetums, a 6-foot-7 Bigfoot enthusiast. You’ll also learn:

  • To always wipe church pews and Walmart scooters in case a nekkid person was there before you;
  • How to differentiate a northern Bigfoot from a southern one;
  • Ways to design a tasteful garden around your hubby’s concrete statues of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and a mooning gnome;
  • How to plan a romantic honeymoon that includes the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle and Uranus (the town, y’all).

NQR_Cover_this one final a

Rheta Grimsley Johnson, fellow Auburn grad, author and columnist, had this to say about my book:

“Kelly Kazek follows in the tradition of another illustrious Alabama journalist who reveled in relating weird news — the late Kathryn Tucker Windham called herself the odd-ball editor’ – and at the same time effortlessly tells us about her own quirks. The most personal stories are studded with wisdom – ‘I learned that if girls line up holding paper numbers, boys will judge them….’ — and some of the funniest and honest story-telling I’ve read in a while. Skip a lunch and buy this book.”

I hope you like my adorable and eye-catching cover. Credit goes to designer Iris Saya Miller and my editor/publisher, Tina Tatum. The photo is by Amanda Chapman Photography and the model is Rebekah Thompson Davis.

Both covers:

NQR_Cover_this one final

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