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No ma’am. I’m not old enough #MemeFriday

Earlier this week, a very sweet young coworker called me ma’am all the way through a conference call. It’s like he thinks I’m 52 or something. In my head, I’m 28. Or 18. Or 8. Not a ma’am. Do you relate to Meme Friday?

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3 thoughts on “No ma’am. I’m not old enough #MemeFriday”

  1. Bless your little heart girl, if you are older than 13 in the south we will say yes ma’am to you. It is just a right of passage, enjoy it. It is a sign that we love you, there is no disrespect intended.


  2. You will eventually reach an age when they don’t say ma’am to you it will make you mad. Hopefully that is a long way away for you. But I do remember the first time it happened to me.


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