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Don’t do this, y’all. Just don’t

It’s Meme Friday on the blog. I’m addressing something of highest importance in today’s world. I mean, it’s right up there with Senate races and presidential tweets.

DON’T misuse your apostrophes, y’all. Why? Because it sets off my inner grammar policewoman.



3 thoughts on “Don’t do this, y’all. Just don’t”

  1. Thanks you, Kelly! And apostrophes show possession, not plurality! 7 dogs don’t need apostrophes; nor do the 7 Smiths. Even 7s don’t need apostrophes, nor do #s. Keep it simple. Save apostrophes for possessives.


    1. Omigosh, when people do it to names, my head feels like it will explode. I once had a business next to a shop that sold personalized Christmas ornaments. I would cringe when they would write The Johnson’s on an ornament. That really jars my preserves!


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