Guess what, y’all?? This Wizard of Odds is going to Emerald City

[Kelly Kazek] Sweetums has done it again: He surprised me with the perfect gift. He got us tickets to visit the Land of Oz in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. It even had a road paved with, you guessed it, yellow bricks. I’ll have a full story when we return, but for now, here’s the scoop:

The Land of Oz is a defunct amusement park that has been given new life by a local family. The park was operational from 1970-80. After it closed, it became a sport for urban explorers and vandals. But a few years ago, the park was refurbished and populated with costumed Wizard of Oz characters. It is now open twice a year: in spring for Journey with Dorothy and in September for the Autumn at Oz Festival. Click here to read more.

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