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Let’s revisit the fashions of those 1970s family bands, shall we? Brady Bunch, Osmonds, Jackson 5

Seems I’m doing about one retro post a week these days but readers tell me they evoke fond memories so maybe I’ll keep doing them for a while. This week, I am writing about family singing groups and, specifically, their fashions.

Do you remember rhinestone-studded, fringed jumpsuits? Who wouldn’t love a boy dressed like that? I am embedding a video of the Bradys singing “Good Time Music” at the bottom because I couldn’t find a good photo and the outfits crack me up. Also … the dancing, ya’ll.

I’m including this photo of the Partridge Family because … wasn’t Keith dreamy? But really, they were so wholesome that they wore uniforms on stage so we didn’t see much fringe.

2 Screenshot-256
(Source: Pinterest)

Here is a photo of the Brady Bunch kids promoting a live appearance.

3 54d4f30278b8c
(Source: Pinterest)

Remember the Brady Bunch Hour variety show? I’m love/hating these outfits from 1977. If you recall, Eve Plumb refused to appear on the show and was replaced with “fake Jan,” aka Geri Reischl, who may have thought the show was her big break but it wasn’t. She once acted in 1974’s “I Dismember Mama,” but not much else.

4 Brady_Bunch_Hour_1977_02
(Source: Pinterest)

Also from the Brady Bunch Hour. Those boots and pirate pants tho…

5 rehost2016913f86a3b5c-bccb-4a25-ba5a-ee79948fa999

The Osmonds wore the tightest pants in the 1970s. Did you have a fave brother?

6 1200px-The-Osmonds
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
(Source: Pinterest)

This outfit is how I remember Donny, my first true love. In fact, you can read about that here.







The Osmonds.

8 osmonds via bbc
(Source: BBC)

The Jackson 5. Oh how I loved to watch them on various TV shows. I especially loved “I’ll Be There.”

9 wallpaper abyss
(Source: Wallpaper Abyss)

A Jackson 5 publicity photo.

10 dancing_photo1 mjackson5abc

And a couple of last photos of the Bray Bunch Hour.

12 e6d1a0dd7bd14902b23246b359ea40f4--brady-family-the-brady-bunch

11 hqdefault

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