23 fun, weird and random road-trip photos

Sometimes on our trips, Sweetums and I end up with photos that don’t require a full story or even an explanation. Sometimes there is no explanation.

I rounded up a few that don’t really fit into a category. Hope you enjoy them!

ala welcomes you 2015 wil

Marble Alabama welcome sign placed on Alabama 411 in 1942 at the Georgia state line into Cherokee County, AL.

Cave City KY

The sign for the Wigwam Village in Cave City, KY, one of three that survive.

berry college

Message over a historic building on the campus of Berry College in Rome, GA


A pub in Elizabethtown, KY

fake vulcan near Woodlawn

Fake Vulcan statue in the Woodlawn community of Birmingham, AL

jasper 7up

Old 7Up sign in Jasper, AL


Headless roadside knight near Cave City, KY

lincoln wedding elizabethtown

Plaque at the site where Abraham Lincoln’s father and stepmother were married in 1819, Elizabethtown, KY

lincolns elizabethtown

Another Lincoln marker in Elizabethtown

louisville ky

The 30-foot-tall golden statue of David in Louisville, KY (which I’ve shared before but never tire of)

rome ga street

A button for Double-Cola in the street in Rome, GA

attalla drug store

A rusting sign at a drug store in Attalla, AL

calhoun county outhouse

An outhouse in rural Calhoun County, AL

atalla opera house

An old theater dubbed the Country Music Opera House in Attalla, AL

rome statue

Statue of the Capitoline Wolf in Rome, GA, a gift from the city of Rome, Italy. So weird because Romulus and Remus are at its teets.

shed near jasper

OK, so you know I’m no Bama fan but that’s what makes this weird. Well, one of the things that makes it weird.

soldier steps WKU

Steps where soldiers mounted horses located on the campus of Western Kentucky University.

sundial WKU 1

The Cherry Sundial on the campus of Western Kentucky University.

tupelo 47

Welcome to Tupelo, MS, the first city to have power from the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930s.

whiskey bottle tombstone

The Whiskey Bottle Tombstone in Clayton City Cemetery in Clayton, AL. Legend says the wife of William Mullen threatened to embarrass him into the hereafter if he didn’t stop drinking. He didn’t and she did, by erecting a headstone in the shape of a whiskey bottle.

wishes sign calhoun county

Wishes 5 cents. Not a bad deal in today’s economy. Somewhere in Calhoun County, AL.

woodlawn area

No idea why the figure of a person is flying from this sign near Warrior, AL. But why not?





2 thoughts on “23 fun, weird and random road-trip photos”

  1. Absolutely love your posts and pics! Look forward to them everyday! I am an avid photographer and would give anything to travel and shoot odd/ different things! Keep up the interesting work.


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